ALDClock is a new clock component for iOS that I’m open-sourcing.

It subclasses UIControl, and takes just a few seconds to integrate. Simply add the ALDClock.h and ALDClock.m files to your project, and import them where needed. To instantiate the clock, just alloc/init like normal:

ALDClock *clock = [[ALDClock alloc] initWithFrame:self.view.bounds];

With the clock you can:

  • Set the clock to show a specific time (or update every minute to show the current time)
  • Animate the clock to show a different time
  • Interactively change the time by swiping around the clock in a circular fashion
  • Change the design of the clock to match your brand by altering the border, markers, digits and background. You can also change the hand colour and sizes

ALDClock on GitHub