Mei Li is a single-screen, message-based app that promotes frequent, but brief engagements. When you first launch the app you’ll meet Min Li and be given an introduction and onboarding, but it’s all in flow. Once you’re setup, Min will start teaching you, and quizzing you.

Mei Li

There are many types of questions, including:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Free-text entry

After few questions (or time limit) you’re done - Min needs to think of new questions for you. At some point in the day, you’ll receive a notification from Min asking you your next question. Every question you answer correctly increases your experience points. Once you have answered enough questions correctly, you’ll “level up” and unlock harder questions.

The app is powered by an “Engagement Engine” I wrote called Raconteur which is designed to transform stories into interactive and charming engagements. By teaching a language in the same way we tell stories, I’m hoping to improve engagement and knowledge retention. Mandarin is first, but in time I’d like to support other languages (either in this app as new “contacts”, or separate, dedicated apps).

What do you think? If you’d be interested and willing to beta test this app, please send me your email address by either emailing me ( or tweeting me (@andydrizen).