How often have you heard someone say “it’s like Tinder, but for X”? I hear this both from people who use apps, and people who make them. I remember when I launched Coverless, someone once described it to me as “Tinder for books”.

Tinder For books

This got me thinking - what else could I make that is like Tinder, but for a different market? Or even more generally, if you took a mash-up of two different apps, what would you be inspired to build?

  • “It’s like Spotify but for …”
  • “Imagine BBC News, but for …”
  • “Take the concept of, but apply it to…”

I’m sure that you will come up with some really fun and powerful ideas. To help you get started, I made a little website that will randomly show you two apps - it’s called Two Random Apps.

Tinder for…

If you want, you can limit one of the apps to Tinder - just click here and keep hitting the refresh button for a new app. Some the ones I’ve seen are:

  • Tinder for betting
  • Tinder for choosing a travel destination
  • Tinder for p2p jokes

Try it for your own app

In general, if you want to generate some inspiration for a particular app:

  1. Get the iTunes ID for the app (you can do this by looking at the iTunes store page URL - you just need the number.
  2. Put the ID in the URL like so:

Note: At the moment, only the top 200 apps in each category of the UK store are available.

Too Many Games

After a while of using this, I felt like there were too many games being suggested. This is fine if you’re looking for inspiration here, but I wasn’t. To limit the app suggestions to genres you’re interested in, I added a “Apps will be chosen from the following App Store genres” section, which allows you to include or exclude particular genres to your hearts content.

Leave a comment if you get inspired by something!